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Adie visits ACAF

Peer-to-peer visit

The objective of this visit was to understand the Self-Funded Communities (SFC) as Adie would like to experiment with this methodology as a complementary offer to its existing financial services.

By taking part in this visit, Adie wanted to understand what it takes to implement the SFC methodology (key to success, challenges, implementation steps…) and whether it seems suitable to Adie’s target group. In addition, Adie’s representatives were also eager to see how Winkomun (ACAF’s online software specifically developed with the aim of supporting SFC self-management) works in practical terms.

Another point of interest for Adie was to observe cases where the SFC methodology had actually been implemented by entities that provide financial services. The end goal was to better understand how ACAF tools can complement more “traditional” financial services in order to better meet the needs of clients.

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Peer-to-Peer Visits

The peer-to-peer exchange visits, exclusively intended for EMN members, provide each EMN member with the opportunity to visit another member on a specific theme, in order to deepen the understanding of their work, to encourage exchange of good practices and to develop expertise. These bilateral exchanges, tailor-made to members' needs and expectations, also facilitate cooperation and collaboration between EMN members.
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