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28 Sep

Webinar on Good Practices in non-financial services: Qredits’ e-learning courses for entrepreneurs

Event Webinar


The webinar highlighted how Qredits’ e-learning courses allow for an innovative, cost-efficient and effective provision of trainings assisting entrepreneurs in building successful businesses. 

The aim of the session was to provide practical insights into the implementation and main features of the e-learning courses offered by Qredits presenting also lessons learned from the adoption of this good practice by other MFIs in Europe. 


  • Couldn't join the webinar? Watch the video below

  • Download the presentation from EMN by Nicola Benaglio below

  • Download the presentation from Qredits by Evelyne Oprel (including the promotional videoclip from the e-learning course). 

Good Practices in non-financial services:

Qredits’ e-learning courses for entrepreneurs

EMN webinar

28 September 2016

Webinar contents

• Introduction

 Nicola Benaglio | Policy and Research Officer | EMN

• Qredits’ case study

 Evelyne Oprel | International Relations Manager | Qredits

• Q&A session

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Non-financial services in Europe*

• 58% of the MFIs offer financial & non-

financial products and services

• 205,943 clients reached in 2015

• Main non-financial products and services

offered by MFIs: BDS, financial education

and mentoring

• Separating costs

• Sustainability

* Preliminary data of EMN & MFC members Survey Report 2014/2015: 149 MFIs

in 22 countries


What are the main challenges in Europe*?

• Raising the profile

• Improving the quality of the BDS

• Separating costs

• Sustainability of BDS

* Business Development Services and Microfinance in Europe, EMN Policy Note 2011 and Microfinance in Europe


Nicola Benaglio

EMN Policy and Research Officer

European Microfinance Network aisbl

10 rue de l’Industrie

1000 Brussels – Belgium

Tel: +32 2 893 24 51

Good practices in non-financial services: Qredits e-learning courses Evelyne Oprel, International Rel. Manager Sept 28, 2016

Qredits organization Founded 2009, non-profit org. Largest alternative financier in the Netherlands

56 employees assigned to:

Credit facility & Support staff (36) Mentoring department (3) Regional Loan officers (17)


Volunteer organization with 650 mentors.

Pilot Bonaire – Caribbean Netherlands

Provide financing and mentoring for starting / existing entrepreneurs that have a viable business plan yet are unable to obtain financing through regular channels.

Mission statement

Mentoring Before or after start-up With or without a loan

Microcredit / SME loan Microcredit up to €50.000 SME loans from €50.000 - €250.000

Online tools Online business development tools

What do we offer?

Solid Business Plan #1 priority

Qredits resources to assist entrepreneurs start of manage their business


Free Business plan & Financial plan templates


Write a business plan through assignments, tips from experts, advice from loan officers and other entrepreneurs.


Mentor assistance in writing a business plan

Online tools

Online tools for entrepreneurs:

• Entrepreneurial competency test • Business Plan template (100 downloads a day) • Financial Plan template • E-learning courses (average of 15 sold a week)


• How to write a business plan • How to write a sales plan • Credit management • Microfinance mentoring • Be your own Boss Currently used in 20 vocational & bachelor-level schools in the Netherlands

English, Italian, Papiamentu and Spanish version available : • How to write a business plan

End result: down-loadable plans

Go to e-learning

Show chapter 4 - market

- Page 4 – questionnaire

- Page 6 – competition assigment - Work on business plan

Show chapter 5 - figures

- Page 2 – video about fin. plan

Go to ‘home’ – The plan

Discuss webinar talking points 2 & 3

Lessons learned From implementations - PerMicroLab (Italy) - Orange Grove (Greece) - Qredits Bonaire (Netherlands Caribbean)

• Business plans contain roughly the

same components across countries • Adaptations are needed though;

• Regulations • Taxes • Legal forms • Links to local organizations (like

chamber of commerce) • Nice to have: include local examples • Low start-up costs • Implementation time; 3 months

(including translations)

For more information; contact Vincent Stulen or Evelyne Oprel

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