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Working group Committees


The EMN Research Committee provides expert advice and guidance to the EMN with regard to the main research activities carried out by the organization. The main research activities include, but are not limited to: publications, research-related events/debates/conferences, research-related projects, and the EMN Research Award. In addition, the Research Committee advises the EMN Secretariat on improving dissemination and increasing visibility of its research output.

The Research Committee has a duration of two years (June 2019-June 2021)


  1. The Research Committee will support the design of the main research activities that EMN has to deliver as part of its workplan.

  2. The Research Committee will have a direct involvement in the decision regarding the selection of the experts who will carry out research according to the EMN Procurement Procedure.

  3. The Research Committee will review the work produced to guarantee a high degree of quality and to ensure that the activities are aligned with the initial design.

  4. The members of the Research Committee will be actively involved in the organization and final decision of the EMN Research Award celebrated annually.

  5. One physical meeting per year will be organised in order to align and coordinate the activities to be carried out by the Committee. Other meetings will be done via on-line platforms.

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