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AgroInvest (Serbia) visits Banca Popolare Etica (Italy)

Peer-to-peer visit

AgroInvest Fond (Serbia) visited Banca Popolare Etica (Italy) on 19-21 June 2017.

According to AgroInvest, the visit was very intense. They had the chance to meet every department of Banca Etica, understanding how their system works, as well as how each separate unit works.

Interested in funding, AgroInvest had also the opportunity to have a more in-depth meeting with those responsible for funding, learning that there are more funding possibilities for equity, capacity building and BDS. 

Banca Etica's experience in lobbying was also part of the meeting plan, as well as the visit to some of Banca Etica’s clients who are using their programme for group lending

Furthermore, they discussed Banca Etica’s restructuring experience .Thanks to the visit to Banca Etica and the information received, AgroInvest was able to report on new ideas and views to our HR department and the board. The bank’s organisational structure was recognised as useful and might influence the further development of the organisation.

If you would like to know more about the exchange meeting and get inspired about the lessons learnt, download the full report of the peer-to-peer visit.

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