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Adie (France) & microStart (Belgium) visit MicroBank La Caixa (Spain)

Peer-to-peer visit

MicroStart has been developing a new strategic plan which will run until 2020. The organisation will enter into a scale-up phase and wants to develop its collaboration with banks. MicroBank represents a good reference to study, thanks to its organisation model with La Caixa. Moreover, microStart wants to become more effective in customers’ scoring process and MicroBank developed a powerful and interesting process, which attracted the attention of microStart’s top management.

Adie recently started to implement a three-year strategic plan. This plan foresees a big increase in production, which implies efficiently prospecting new potential clients and channelling them to Adie’s network. Adie thus wants to understand Microbank’s model based upon a tight relation between the latter and its founding member, namely La Caixa Bank, and identify its main areas of success and see if some of them are applicable to the context in France.

MicroBank was set up in 2007 as a social bank to channel the microcredit activity carried out so far by "la Caixa". After 9 years of experience, MicroBank is now the leading microfinance institution in Spain and is willing to share its unique business model with microStart and Adie. 

To find more about this productive meeting, please read the full report.

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