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ADIE Visits Permicro

Peer-to-peer visit

Lessons learnt during the visit

  • One of Permicro’s mission is to enhance the financial inclusion of its customers, namely to
    help them access to banking services. This is why i) they are serving a clientele, which is
    slightly different from that of Adie and ii) they actively promote the services of their
    banking partners: checking & saving accounts, means of payement, insurance products,
    “Satispay”, etc.
  • Banking partnerships : At Permicro, 20% of customers are deferred by partner banks. This
    is the result of a development strategy launched 2-3 years ago: To increase microloans
    ceiling and reach out a different type of clientele (less vulnerable yet without access to
    banking loans) To achieve this, Permicro has changed its recruitment & induction process
    as well as its management and opertional schemes in order to make sure loan officers
    develop close relationship with partner banks: approach methodology & speech, at least 2
    days of presence per week in banking partners premises. Also, Permicro has revisited its
    implantation strategy on the Italian territory: 80% of its branches are hosted by BNL.
  • Migrants target population: 24% of Permicro’s business clients are migrants and 91% of
    Permicro’s personal clients are migrants. This market penetration is very impressive. Part
    of the explanation is that Perrmicro can finance personal projects (home construction,
    etc.) in the country of origin. To mitigate credit risk, Permicro only finances migrants clients
    if they have an open-ended labour contract (personal loans). In addition to the guarantor,
    the loan officer also asks for 2 referents + a contact person in their home country. Finally
    in order to foster Permicro’s visibility within migrants’ communities and build trust,
    Permicro can sponsor some social events.
  • 6-month rule : following a payment incident, the customer must reimburse its microcredit
    for 6 months without experiencing any payment incident in order to qualify for refinancing
  • Personal loans: They only finance people with permanent contracts as there is no social
    income in Italy.

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