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Adie visits NOA

Peer-to-peer visit

Lessons learnt during the visit

  • Distribution:

    We observed in particular the way NOA works with a network of Business partners, addressing leads thank to a “front” system connected to NOA’s CRM

    We also were very interested by the way they manage to “approve” leads in their CRM, with a phase of qualification that enables them to have a clear base of useful leads to follow

    We were impressed by the interconnection of NOA’s CRM with all social networks message tools (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • Processes:

    We observed how fluid the process is, and how loan officers focus on the speed of the process (some products can be approved and disbursed within 24 hours)

    We observed their rules on guaranteeing the loans (possibility for a guarantee on assets, co-signers, guarantee with a deposit, etc.)

    We saw how the automatic access to e-Albania (to check identity and taxes payment) and the national credit bureau was essential for the process to be quick

    We learned about the role of the national team of underwriters in the decision process
  • Clients:

    We were interested in NOA ‘s technique to assess the risk on loans for farmers (with an “expert system” helping loan officers to set their financial calculations for expected productivity and turnover on sectorial information)

    We also observed the way Noa assesses the risk for “self-declared clients” whether for professional loans or individual loans
  • Digital tools:

    We had a comprehensive presentation of NOA’s homemade CRM, very much adapted to their workflows. In their daily work, loan officers only use one tool, the CRM

    We learned that they implemented all the rules of their credit manual within the MIS, so it eases the work of loan officers and the onboarding of new loan officers

    We observed how their IT team is organised compared to Adie’s team and were very interested by the position of the person responsible for all data extractions from the MIS

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