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Natech Banking Solutions


Natech Banking Solutions democratizes access to banking technology and liberates resources, allowing financial institutions to prioritize what's most important— outstanding service and customer fulfilment.  

Our comprehensive product suite, encompassing everything from a core banking system to digital engagement channels layer, enables banks to craft and deliver personalized financial products. Catering to a diverse clientele that ranges from lively credit unions, local community banks to forward-thinking regional financial institutions, Natech stands as a pillar of technological advancement in banking.

Our platform exemplifies ease and efficiency, providing seamless onboarding and unparalleled accessibility that guarantees financial institutions a swift time-to-market. As the provider of plug-and-play, end-to-end solutions built on modern cloud-native modular technology, it empowers banks with the agility to swiftly launch products and seamlessly adapt to the dynamic landscape of finance.

The ecosystem and API integration strategy are tailored to enhance functionality, delivering precisely what is needed with cutting-edge features, thereby ensuring operational costs remain lean throughout the entire lifecycle. Natech Banking Solutions has played a significant role in introducing a digital-only bank, Snappi, focused on serving Greece and Europe, marking a leap forward in the Banking-as-a-Service sector.

This effort combines Natech's twenty years of experience in the banking industry with the launch of Snappi, aiming to contribute to the evolution of Natech's technology. The collaboration also intends to offer practical benefits to the Natech banking community, ensuring access to modern and efficient banking technology.

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