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Cooperative Bank of Karditsa


Established in 1994, the Cooperative Bank of Karditsa (CBK) is fundamentally committed to fostering socio-economic development within the Thessaly region of Greece. This commitment is an integral part of the bank's identity. Over the years, CBK has developed a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities encountered by individuals, the self-employed, farmers, and small to very small enterprises (SMEs and vSMEs) in rural settings. This insight has enabled the formulation of a targeted suite of services, including specialized microfinancing support, designed to effectively meet these needs. CBK’s engagement extends beyond mere enhancing access to finance; it represents a strategic investment in the region’s future. The flourishing microfinance sector not only benefits the direct recipients but also enhances the overall community by promoting financial growth, creating employment opportunities, fostering self-reliance, and strengthening the sustainability of the local socio-economic framework.

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