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28 Sep

Webinar on Introduction to social performance management: what is it & what is the role of governance in effective SPM?

Event Webinar


This webinar is the first in a series of three webinars on social performance management. The first webinar focused on what SPM is and it also seeked to underline what the role of governance is in effective SPM. 

Guest Speakers:

Kinga Dabrowska, Project Manager at the Microfinance Centre 


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Introduction to social performance management:

what is it & what is the role of governance in

effective SPM?”

Thursday 28th September


- Kate Mazoyer | EMN |

- Kinga Dabrowska | MFC |

• EMN has supported various SPM activities over the


 EMN Working Paper: “European microfinance and social

performance: where do we stand?”

 Workshops in previous EMN Annual Conferences

EMN-MFC Think Tank on SPM focusing on integrating a “more

social lense” into the Code of Good Conduct.

EMN and the initiative

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SP Fund, 28 September 2017

Social Performance Management

Webinar objectives


Role in MFI

Good and bad



Proving outcomesInvestors

Risks mitigationSPMOver


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Fin Tech


SPM rationale

• Targeting right clients

• Better business

• Increased clients loyalty

• Lower staff turnover

Benefits for institution

• New products addressing broader needs • Better customer service • Ability to provide feedback • Better access

Benefits for clients




The effective translation of an institution’s mission

into practice

in line with accepted social goals

Social Performance Definition

SPTF Universal Standards

Social ratings

Smart Campaign Client Protection



Do no harm

Improve Clients’

Lives EU code of

good conduct

Standards and certification

SPM – what is it in practise?

Strategic decision

Which MFI took more socially oriented decision?

Former NGO, Central Asia

Working in urban areas, individual loans.

Growing competition

Decision: group loans in rural areas.

Within 1 year:

• The portfolio doubled

• #clients increased by 70%

• The average loan size decreased

NBFI, Central Europe Goal: expand access to clients (micro entrepreneurs) Limited access to funding Decision: banking license.


• more clients

• lower income clients rejected, due to banking regulations

How to translate mission into governance?

Governance – key SP issues

• Monitored strategy to include social goals

• Members’ background drives their focus: balance of experience and interests

• Mission commitment stimulated by education

• Reporting to include social performance

Which are the best practices in SP reporting

to the Board?

• Every new Board member receives 1h presentation of mission and social aspirations of the MFI, delivered by Marketing Manager.

• The Board meets every quarter; the following SP indicators are reviewed:  # rural clients; % of new rural clients;

 # female clients; % of new female clients

 Exit rate by groups of clients

• Internal audit report on compliance with client protection policies

How to assess my SP practices?

Consult the SPTF Resource Center!

Resources from MFC & EMN

* Good Practices * Webinars

* Case Studies * Webinars


Next webinar:

24 Oct 12.00: CP in practise

23 Nov– 12.00: SPM from HR and internal audit perspective

Thank you!

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