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4 Dec

Webinar on Environmental and Social Risk Management

Event Webinar

The European Union is offering a webinar on Environmental and Social Risk management on 4 December, for microfinance institutions in Europe.

This EaSI Technical Assistance webinar will discuss the possible responses to national and international drivers to apply Environmental and Social (E&S) safeguards, as well as how to create and implement an internal E&S management system.

This is the last session from the “Green Finance at Microfinance Institutions” webinar series, which aims at helping interested microfinance institutions understand the implications of climate change, as well as the opportunities and risks it brings for the sector in Europe.

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One of the many functions of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) is to organise debates and webinars addressing a wide range of subjects pertinent to microfinance in Europe. These activities are a chance to foster an exchange of ideas among different partners, and contribute to spreading knowledge of microfinance throughout Europe.
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