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25 Apr

EMN Webinar on Good practices from Transeo & Reempresa on transfer of business

Event Webinar

When business owners change, where does their business go?

Giving businesses a second life - Good practices from Transeo & Reempresa on transfer of business

After the interest shown by EMN's audience in the publication of the good practice Reempresa's one-stop-shop system for business transfer, a webinar was set-up to present and raise awareness to the European microfinance sector on support measures that Reempresa and at a larger scale Transeo, offer to business owners at the age of retirement or facing the need to develop a succession plan of their business.

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Host and moderator:

  • Caroline Lentz, Deputy Director, EMN – European Microfinance Network (EMN)


  • Marie Depelssemaker, Secretary General, Transeo - European Association for SME Transfer
  • Oriol Alba, Project Manager, Reempresa - The small and medium-sized buying and selling market in Catalonia


TRANSEO is the first European Association for SME Transfer. Its mission is to increase SME transfer expertise in Europe by linking up private, public and academic experts and by supporting the exchange of good practices and information between them, in order to contribute to stimulate the SME transfer market at local, national and international level. 

The objective is also to professionalize the sector to ensure more successful SME transfers in Europe. Transeo gathers more than 60 Members from all over Europe and beyond. Through working groups, international conferences or webinars, those Members can work together to build a better environment for European SME transfer.

More information:

REEMPRESA is based in Catalonia, Spain. Launched in 2011, it is a joint initiative created by Autooccupacio (EMN Member and former member of EMN’s Board of Directors) and the Catalan Employers Association Cecot. Reempresa is the business transfer marketplaces for SMEs in Catalonia. The initiative works as a non-profit Public Private Partnership. In 2017, Reempresa won the European Enterprise Promotion Award.

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One of the many functions of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) is to organise debates and webinars addressing a wide range of subjects pertinent to microfinance in Europe. These activities are a chance to foster an exchange of ideas among different partners, and contribute to spreading knowledge of microfinance throughout Europe.
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