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28 Jan

The economics of AI for Financial Inclusion | EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar

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With Artificial Intelligence (AI) often looked at through its most mind-blowing aspects such as self-driving cars, processing natural languages or facial recognition, entire industries are still trying to figure out exactly what to do with it, or if it even makes sense to them at all.

Microfinance assuredly fits in that category, with the extra challenge of not losing sight of its social mission along its digital way. In this EaSI Technical Assistance webinar, we will quickly dismiss the hype and the magic surrounding AI to show it for what is is: the availability of very cheap calculations and data treatment opening a trove of new possibilities. We will then focus on the real topic at hand: the economics of AI for financial inclusion, in other words how to use data and AI to supercharge microfinance institutions, deliver better products, and deeper outreach.

denis moniotte Co-founder of Rubyx, Denis Moniotte has worked on AI-related issues for the last 12 years, implementing successful and unsuccessful projects in Africa and Asia. During the webinar, he will share the dos and don'ts of innovation with AI in financial inclusion.


EaSI Technical Assistance to the European Microcredit Sector




This event is financed by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2014-2020. For further information:

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