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25 Nov

EaSI Technical Assistance webinar - Leading change in volatile times

Event Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing the challenges of change into sharp relief. Managers and their teams everywhere are faced with completely new situations, challenging the former to project serenity with the latter often eager to get involved and looking for guidance.

In this two-part EaSI Technical Assistance webinar, participants will learn how to lead themselves and their team through these change processes. Through a keynote introduction and an interactive, practical workshop, you will get the tools of the trade to provide clarity in unknown situations, to develop convincing communication behaviour, and to integrate the success factors of change management in your work.

Two dates are available for this second session, you will be asked to indicate your preference in the registration form. This in-depth session will dig into specific aspects such as the constructive handling of resistance to change, how to project security and sovereignty in unclear situations, how to reflect on one's own patterns and behaviour in change situations, and the various skills and methods to professionally deal with change.

As the number of places is limited for this second part, the EaSI Technical Assistance team reserves the right to give priority to microfinance practitioners.

The session will be delivered by Hajo Winkler, Founder and Director of Change Direction. This experienced trainer will help participants navigate through change management with his tested, award-winning method, the Hollywood Principle.


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