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20 Oct

3rd European Microfinance Day: Fair Finance for All

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Under the tagline Fair Finance for All, the third edition of the European Microfinance Day focused on the microfinance clients: young people suffering from the impact of unemployment; senior citizens that are being displaced from the job market; women, particularly single mothers; minorities (e.g. Roma) and migrants; rural populations that have no access to formal financial services; the unemployed who have plenty of business ideas; salaried workers encouraged into self-employment by businesses who are looking to reduce fixed costs; and, least but not last, low-salaried people looking for additional income generating opportunities.

For this 3rd European Microfinance Day, the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and the Microfinance Centre (MFC) put the focus these populations, highlighting their diversity, motivations, concerns, etc. and seeing how microfinance can better serve their current and future needs.

For this purpose, and with the aim of drawing the attention to the members local action, this year the Brussels-based event was replaced by an intensive online campaign carried out during the month of October, under two main hashtags: #2017EMD and #weallcount.


  • 20 EMN-MFC members from 13 European countries were directly involved in a total of 20 local actions.
members involved 3rd EMD


  • Considering those indirectly involved in the 3rd EMD, 28 EMN-MFC members from 15 European countries involved in at least 26 local actions.
  • The #2017EMD was used exactly 200 times on Twitter during the period 2 to 27 October. The hashtag was used on average 3.4 times per day during the whole period of the campaign. On the official day of the EMD (20th October), the hashtag was used 89 times.
  • On Facebook , #2017EMD was used more than 100 times. Posts reached a high level of engagement, gathering more than 2000 likes and 200 shares.  

Audiovisual material

  • Video briefing the Local actions by the members

Media corner

To get further information and details from the 3rd European Microfinance Day, consult the Global Outputs Report and/or contact us.

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