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Guarantee products – calls for expression of interest

Call Call for expression of interests

As an implementing partner of InvestEU, our portfolio guarantee products support investments for EU’s policy priorities over the period 2022-2027. The EIF, in its role of a guarantor, provides credit risk protection through portfolio (counter-) guarantees to selected financial intermediaries.

These are provided in the form of a capped or uncapped guarantee, and shall partly cover the credit risk of eligible debt financing transactions granted to predefined categories of final recipients and included for coverage in the portfolio(s).

Eligible financial intermediaries

Public or private entities, including but not limited to:

  • For guarantees: credit or financial institutions, alternative lenders, leasing companies ;
  • For counter-guarantees: (counter-) guarantee schemes, (counter-) guarantee institutions or other entities, credit or financial institutions
  • that are established or operating in EU Member States and overseas territories (OTCs).

How can you become a Financial Intermediary under InvestEU?

An applicant may become a financial intermediary under InvestEU provided that:

  • it complies with formal criteria as described in the Call for Expression of Interest;
  • it completes and submits its application, as per the Annex I below within the deadline and in accordance with all provisions outlined in the Call;
  • it is selected by the EIF as a potential financial intermediary under InvestEU to implement one or more InvestEU Portfolio Guarantee Products pursuant to the selection process outlined in the Call; and
  • it enters into the relevant (counter-) guarantee agreement with EIF.

Application process

If you are eligible, you can apply by downloading and submitting the relevant application documents published below, to the EIF by the deadline. The EIF selects financial intermediaries according to a standard process involving due diligence and proof of compliance with relevant standards.

Deadline for applications: 30 June 2027

The EIF may determine that the deadline will end on an earlier date depending, inter alia, on the availability of the budgetary resources. Any change in the deadline will be announced officially on this web page.

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