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PerMicro (Italy) visits AgroInvest (Serbia)

Peer-to-peer visit

PerMicro S.p.A. visited AgroInvest on 13-14 March 2017.

According to both EMN members, the visit was very interesting and included the sharing of knowledge on the different business models of the two MFIs (direct loan versus guarantee scheme system), the variety and specificity of products, the IT system, or the risk provisioning and recovery methodology, among others.

In particular, AgroInvest learnt from PerMicro how to look for and obtain funding of a certain size and pricing. While PerMicro showed particular interest in AgroInvest’s risk and recovery management which is performing well.

Furthermore, by sharing their respective know-hows, PerMicro and AgroInvest could consider a common administrative and management operating system that could be used by a group of investors interested in eastern-Europe MFIs.

Read the full report and find out all the details of this EMN peer-to-peer visit.

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Peer-to-Peer Visits

The peer-to-peer exchange visits, exclusively intended for EMN members, provide each EMN member with the opportunity to visit another member on a specific theme, in order to deepen the understanding of their work, to encourage exchange of good practices and to develop expertise. These bilateral exchanges, tailor-made to members' needs and expectations, also facilitate cooperation and collaboration between EMN members.
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