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UTCAR’s MIS design – A value proposition for its members

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As a member-based association, one of UTCAR RV’s value propositions was the creation of a Management Information System (MIS) which would be freely distributed to all the affiliated Credit Unions (CARs). The aim of this was to have a flexible and scalable MIS that could store and manage large volumes of data.

This solution was particularly needed in the sector due to the foreseen increase in the number of members, branches and loan portfolio that the CARs were experiencing. Along with human resources, the MIS is the backbone of any activity related to finance. Its main purpose is to deliver precise data to the management team thus allowing them to make the correct decisions for sustainable development and, at the same time, to support the employees in their direct and indirect relations with the clients.

The nucleus of UTCAR RV’s MIS was therefore built in such a way as to be fast, secure and to allow the adding of an unlimited number of features, amongst others a Credit Risk Assessment tool, the European CoGC, Client Relation Management tools, and Financial Statement Reporting.