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Microfinance, the way forward post-COVID 19

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The twin global crises of a virus pandemic COVID 19 accompanied by global economic crises are severely harming the livelihoods of various market segments especially the daily wagers, low-income households, small scale businesses and start-ups across the globe. As the early reports of the Corona virus spread across China, at the end of December 2019, no one could have imagined how vast the devastating impact of this outbreak was going to be. The situation has been utterly unprecedented and took the world by surprise. Unfortunately it continues to fluctuate every day affecting more and more people across the globe.

With Social distancing being the only preventive option at the moment, organizations are focusing on finding solutions to this complex scenario in front of us and treating this as an opportunity to reposition the business for the changes that are afoot all over the world.

Similarly, the MFIs across the globe need to focus on revamping their existing models adapting to the new norms. This paper presents the innovative model of MFIs post COVID 19.

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