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Microfinance Barometer 2019

Publication Papers

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the Microfinance Barometer, this edition looks back at the trends that have shaped the sector over the last decade.         

How did the over-indebtedness crises of the 2010’s improve social impact management practices? New technologies can improve the performance of microfinance, but how can we ensure that they are used responsibly? What lessons can microfinance teach new actors in responsible finance? What is the future of microfinance with the advent of impact investing?

Through case studies, expert analyses and interviews, this edition reflects on the episodes that have had a profound impact on microfinance over the past 10 years to highlight the evolutions of the sector. Expertise in creating tools and indicators to measure social performance, the responsible use of new technologies, the diversification of services (financial and non-financial) to include the most vulnerable populations: there are many lessons to be learned from the changes in microfinance. May they be useful in the growing field of impact investing.

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