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L'impact social de microlux (2021)

Publication Impact studies

With its double-mission as both a social and economic actor, microlux quickly embarked upon analysing its impact, in collaboration with ADA, a Luxembourg-based NGO working to reinforce MFIs' autonomy and capacity. A survey questionnaire was prepared based on microlux's definition of its mission, with the objective to accurately assess whether this mission was fulfilled, and what was the concrete impact for microlux's clients.

Given the peculiar context of the COVID pandemic, additional questions pertaining to the crisis were added to the questionnaire. In total, 73 clients were targeted and 51 of them replied, thus a response rate of 70%. The results, collected between November 2020 and February 2021 and analysed by ADA, paint an accurate image of the impact of microlux's work on their clients.

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