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ES Fund TISE: Structural Funds and Successful Partnerships

Publication Good practices

Social and Economic Investment Company, TISE SA has 25 years of business history. It was established in 1991 by the BISE Bank, Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives (FISE) and the French investment fund SIDI. Today it is owned by the French bank Credit Cooperatif, which has financed social economy projects for over 120 years.

In 2002, TISE joined the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks – FEBEA, formed by 22 institutions financing social and ethical projects. TISE still remains the only Polish representative in FEBEA.

Objective of the Good Practice

Providing loans to social enterprises through the establishment of a successful partnership between the Ministry of Economic Development and TISE (an institution specialised in this target group).

The ES Fund TISE-Loan Fund is a pilot programme that aims to provide repayable financial instruments combined with non-financial services to social enterprises in Poland. Although the Polish economy is still relatively small and diversified, there was limited access to finance for social enterprises since they usually lack capital at adequate terms for mainstream finance providers.

TISE was developed after the European Commission recommended the introduction of repayable instruments, abandoning the previous model of non-repayable loans.

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