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COVID-19 - New opportunities are emerging for MFIs

Publication Papers

ADA, Inpulse and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation have joined forces to closely monitor and analyze the effects of the COVID-19 crisis among their partners around the world. This monitoring will be carried out periodically throughout the year 2020 with the purpose of evaluating the evolution and trend of both the effects of the crisis and the financial needs and adaptation measures implemented by their partners. This article is based on the responses provided between May 18 and May 27, 2020 by 110 partners present in 47 countries distributed between Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, 5 Regions and 13 Sub-regions of the world. This analysis addressed 46% of very small MFIs, with less than 5 million assets (Tier 3), 47% of medium size, with an amount of assets between 5 and 50 million (Tier 2) and 7% with a size greater than 50 million assets (Tier 1).