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Autoocupació's mentoring for young entrepreneurs

Publication Good practices

Autoocupació is a private and independent not-for-profit organisation created in 1986 to promote self-employment in Catalonia and providing financial and non-financial services to underserved entrepreneurs. Member of the EMN since 2009.

Autoocupació’s mentoring approach is based on personalised support from a mentor that helps entrepreneurs to improve their skills, influencing their professional and personal development to consolidate their enterprises and guide them towards success in business. Mentees are young entrepreneurs between 18-35 years. They are unemployed or in a vulnerable situation (underground economy, underemployment, etc.) and have decided to create their own business. They display entrepreneurial potential and have a viable idea, but they lack experience in business management. Given the fact that the survival rate for new businesses is quite low, mentoring is a great support to meet their needs. Mentors are highly experienced entrepreneurs. They are volunteers and their role excludes investing in the business. Mentoring relationships last for one year (but they are extendable for one more year if wanted and needed). Meetings happen on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

Read the publication to know more about this Autoocupació's experience.