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MI-BOSPO visits FEBEA, Crédal, microStart, DG NEAR, and EMN

Peer-to-peer visit

Key lessons to be adopted from the three practical visits:

1. A collaboration of public and non-governmental sectors. It may be interesting to test whether such an involvement could be used to further improve the financial inclusion matter within the MI-BOSPO area of activities.

2. The improvement of the social performance management. It could be useful for MI-BOSPO to use some examples to further internally and externally promote and manage its social performance.

3. Although it is difficult, based on legal framework, to engage with volunteers, MI-BOSPO can try to find opportunities for having a project that involves talent and knowledge from the experts' community.

Key lessons to be adopted from the two meetings:

1. How to explore potential for social investing. DG NEAR is an interesting vehicle and, in addition to this, MI-BOSPO should look into other available resources such as Helenos, the first European private equity fund or Cosme, the programme for the “Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina sector cannot access funding before it is eligible.

3. Lastly, MI-BOSPO can take advantage of EMN’s availability for peer-to-peer funding and for advocacy activities.

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Peer-to-Peer Visits

The peer-to-peer exchange visits, exclusively intended for EMN members, provide each EMN member with the opportunity to visit another member on a specific theme, in order to deepen the understanding of their work, to encourage exchange of good practices and to develop expertise. These bilateral exchanges, tailor-made to members' needs and expectations, also facilitate cooperation and collaboration between EMN members.
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