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Fondazione Ottavio Sgariglia Dalmonte visits Adie

Peer-to-peer visit

Key lessons from the visit:

1. During the meeting with Adie's CFO, the importance of the company's professional financial management was explained: financial planification and the relationship with Banks who finance the activity month by month. The microcredit operators in the Dalmonte Foundation are used to a softer-business approach, which means less structured, for instance, not counting with a strategy on enhancing the operational partnerships with banks. This visit has certainly been an eye-opener for the Foundation to try to be more professional.

2. The second lesson learnt from the visit was the approach to the market. Adie uses various forms of communication and collaboration to make its products and services With financial support from the European Union known and is a front runner in using innovative methods to help clients reach the market. For example, it was surprising to learn that Adie organises “pop-up stores” in Paris. The pop-up stores are temporary stores that customers can use, in rotation, to gain visibility and sell products.

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Peer-to-Peer Visits

The peer-to-peer exchange visits, exclusively intended for EMN members, provide each EMN member with the opportunity to visit another member on a specific theme, in order to deepen the understanding of their work, to encourage exchange of good practices and to develop expertise. These bilateral exchanges, tailor-made to members' needs and expectations, also facilitate cooperation and collaboration between EMN members.
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