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BCR Social Finance Visits Adie

Peer-to-peer visit

Lessons learnt during the visit

  • Microinsurance, mobility microcredit, Leasing – Adie is using a Private Individuals lending model with a clear accent on vulnerable population. They also integrated some additional services in their offer like loans for bicycles, utility / transport bikes and car loans;
  • MAREL project: 100% online application from origination to loan disbursement, under construction – they have a full internal integrated & development IT system and are building now a full E2E lending system;
  • Strong KYC/AML practices in place – this is also important to BCR SF and we also shared our internal procedures with Adie
  • 2 scoring systems in place, developed with CETELEM & multiple decision making layers. – we discussed about their risk machine & architecture, also the inclusion of volunteers in risk underwriting. Also about local approval pouvoirs.
  • Over 600 employees spread around France and a network of over 160 branches – sales management is done trough a zoning system, kind of similar with what we do, but with different size
  • Over 1000 active volunteers – volunteers management – this is something we’ve never seen before and we had much to learn

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Peer-to-Peer Visits

The peer-to-peer exchange visits, exclusively intended for EMN members, provide each EMN member with the opportunity to visit another member on a specific theme, in order to deepen the understanding of their work, to encourage exchange of good practices and to develop expertise. These bilateral exchanges, tailor-made to members' needs and expectations, also facilitate cooperation and collaboration between EMN members.
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