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Youth in Business Spain


Youth Business Spain (YBS) is the member in Spain of the Youth Business International global network. YBS is a private and independent foundation that was born as a result of the alliance between social entities as a result of the high rates of youth unemployment caused by the 2008 crisis.


Youth Business Spain currently brings together 12 social organizations that support youth self-employment, generating a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, promoting innovation and improving the quality of entrepreneurship support services.


Turning job seekers into job creators...


YBS members offer young people the necessary resources to launch their business ideas, combining personalized attention services with training, access to financing and mentoring.


As a result of the COVID pandemic in 2020, at Youth Business Spain we launched a social microcredit program to provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs with difficulties accessing traditional banking. It is a microfinancing program that also includes non- financial services such as advice, training and mentoring.


Since its launch, we have granted 178 microcredits for an amount of more than €700,000.