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Winner of the 14th EMN Research Award is announced


?? The winner of the 2021 EMN Research Award has been revealed! Warmest congratulations to Franziska Koefer and Michel Ehrenhard for their paper "Desilencing Complexities: The Financial Needs of Entrepreneurs on Social Benefits", a remarkable contribution to the advancement of the European microfinance sector!

? Their research focused on entrepreneurs who depend on welfare benefits but seek financial access to either start or develop their enterprise in the Netherlands. With the COVID-19 crisis leading to a 25% increase in unemployment benefits on the Dutch labour market between February and May 2020, this study appeared instrumental in understanding the possible disadvantages faced by this particular group in terms of age, gender, nationality and creditworthiness.

? This year's award is sponsored by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and comes with a grant of €2,000.


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