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Microfinance's Role in Mitigating Human Capital Flight - EaSI Technical Assistance webinar


Many talented young citizens in Eastern Europe and the Balkans are choosing to pursue an economic future in Western Europe. Despite the advantages offered by such intra-European exchange, it also has a down side that must be addressed: the erosion of infrastructure, opportunities and knowledge in their home countries.
To help mitigate the effects of this human capital flight that manifests between East and West Europe, microfinance institutions find themselves in a key position. As the voice of the European microfinance sector, EMN is therefore proposing public-private partnership initiatives that would combine the social mission of microfinance with the solidarity mechanisms within Europe, to renew investment in local entrepreneurship and innovation.
Join us on 21st April at 11:00 (CEST) for an online exchange on:

  • A set of key messages to policymakers, co-drafted by microfinance institutions from Eastern Europe, that outlines the issues at stake and makes concrete policy proposals.
  • Testimonials from microfinance practitioners on how they currently shape their services to fight human capital flight.

 The session will include time for questions and answers, and for attendees to share their own experiences on this subject. 
To register for the webinar please sign up here. In case of any questions, please email