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EMN welcomes 2 new members


We are delighted to welcome two new organisations in the EMN membership, Iccrea Banca and the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF).


Established in 1963, Iccrea Banca is the parent company of Gruppo Bancario Cooperativo Iccrea, that includes 142 affiliated mutual banks and that is now the leading banking group owned entirely by residents of local communities in Italy, with an ownership structure of around 800,000 member shareholders, nearly half of which are either households or small businesses.
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The Slovene Enterprise Fund (SEF) is a public financial fund with 100% ownership by the Republic of #Slovenia, established with the purpose of improving access to finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovenia. SEF is an independent financial institution with its own Management and Supervisory Board, composed of both government and business representatives.
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