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13th European Microfinance Research Award

illustration 13th research award

For more than a decade, the European Microfinance Network has been fostering and celebrating cutting-edge, impactful academic research through its European Microfinance Research Award. From papers on the financial inclusion of refugees to innovative partnership models, every edition has distinguished unique contributions to the sector.

This 13th edition saw yet another increase in the overall quality of the competing research papers. Thanks to the sponsorship of the European Investment Fund (EIF), the award comes this year with a €2,000 prize. Without further ado, here are the two finalists and our winner for this year's award:

3. Determinants of financing constraints: Evidence from European SMEs
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2. Microcredit in the UK: exploring health and wellbeing effects
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And our winning paper for this year:
1. Online microfinance in Eastern Europe: Personal versus business loan funding
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