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18 Dec

SIFTA WEBINAR "Empowering Female Migrant Founders: Impact-Oriented Organic Growth"

Event Webinar

Don't miss the last #SIFTA webinar of the year!

Register for our last session on "Empowering Female Migrant Founders: Impact-Oriented Organic Growth", taking place on December 18, at 14:00 CET.

Event description: This workshop explores how female migrants achieve organic growth and bootstrap their ventures, emphasizing impact-oriented approaches to success, fostering a supportive environment for sustainable businesses.

The goal of the webinar is understanding the unique journeys of female migrant entrepreneurs is crucial for fostering a supportive ecosystem that recognizes their diverse strategies and rates of success.

Speaker for the day: Manik Chander from My Migrant Mama

Manik, born in 1988, resides near Frankfurt am Main and is the daughter of Indian migrants. She has initiated several integration projects and has been celebrating migration together with Melisa Manrique and "My Migrant Mama" since 2018. Manik is an avid reader and martial artist. She loves Berlin for its clubs, Frankfurt for its train station district, and Mumbai for its Vada Pavs. 

About the platform: My Migrant Mama is a media platform created by proud Migrant Kids to celebrate migration and the power of changing perspectives in Europe. Founded in 2019 by Melisa Manrique and Manik Chander, its mission is to empower migrant women in Europe through intergenerational storytelling. Today, "My Migrant Mama" offers products exclusively designed and implemented by migrant creatives. 

The platform has been recognized with the German Integration Prize and the Smart Hero Award for its commitment to promoting stronger representation of migrants in society. The founders have also been honored as Cultural and Creative Pilots by the German Federal Government. 

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