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13 Oct

8th European Microfinance Day: Thriving in times of change: the voice of micro entrepreneurs

Event European Microfinance Day

COVID-19 led to the disappearance of small businesses (especially in the service industry). Moreover, the current European conflict has raised inflation and prices for essential commodities.

The COVID crisis has shown how frail is the position of microentrepreneurs. Many of them are migrants and youth fighting to survive.

So, what are the lessons to be taken from microentrepreneurs?  

  • How they build resilience 
  • How they have managed to continue operating and, in many cases, growing 
  • How these trends can be opportunities for microentrepreneurs, and how social and financial providers can support them in their journey

This year, EMD will be different: it will be a pan-European campaign involving local partners, and it will run from October 13 to December.

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The European Microfinance Day initiative was launched in 2015 as a tool to highlight the impact of the microfinance sector in Europe from a social and an economic perspective.
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