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Active Citizens Fund Slovakia: Microgrants Fund | Vulnerable groups empowered

Call Call for proposals


These calls for proposals on projects aiming to increase citizen participation in civic activities is a part of the implementation of the programme Active Citizens Fund – Slovakia (ACF – Slovakia or programme).

The ACF – Slovakia supports Slovak civic organisations in engaging citizens in decision-making and public policy making, in efforts to create better conditions for good governance, protect human rights and provide civic education and improve the position of vulnerable groups in society. Particular attention is paid to young people and their participation in public affairs.

The horizontal priorities of the programme are to support bilateral co-operation between Slovak organisations and partners from the donor countries and to develop capacities as well as to improve the position of civic organisations in society.

ACF – Slovakia supports projects of civic organisations through open calls in the following outcomes:

  1. Increased citizen participation in civic activities;
  2. Strengthened civil society advocacy and watchdog role;
  3. Increased support for human rights and civic education;
  4. Vulnerable groups empowered;
  5. Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society.

ACF: Microgrants Fund

The social activity and interest of citizens in the state, regions and their communities is an essential part of a functioning democracy. By promoting public participation in decision-making and engaging citizens in civil society activities, the ACF – Slovakia aims to increase confidence in democratic institutions and promote public discussion on phenomena that influence development of the society.

The ACF – Slovakia will focus on improving the conditions where the public has an opportunity to engage in public debate to enhance its participation in decision-making. The programme will improve the conditions for civic participation through support for organizations, web tools, platforms and workgroups, but will also enable renovation or improvement of physical spaces (community centres, cultural centres etc.) that serve the long-term purpose of civil participation.

Micro Grants Fund enables a flexible response to emerging needs during implementation of the ACF in relation to the outcome Increased Citizen Participation in Civic Activities. Grants will support initiatives at the national, regional and local level, while special attention will be paid to community based activities.

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ACF: Vulnerable groups empowered

The overall objective of the ACF programme is ‘Civil society and active citizenship strengthened and vulnerable groups empowered’.

In our society, vulnerable groups are exposed to social isolation and different forms of discrimination. Their access to information, the labour market, education and culture, as well as participation in decision-making, is insufficient. The program will therefore also address the Roma minority and other groups at risk of social exclusion and poverty. In this respect, the ACF – Slovakia will support civil society organizations working locally and striving to overcome these shortcomings.

Supported organizations will focus on strengthening vulnerable groups and their participation in decision-making on public matters, as well as improving target groups' access to income in order to support their economic growth. Organisations will be encouraged to cooperate with local authorities and introduce meaningful methods and services at the local level.

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